Anyone notice the Joan Jett mullet at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show during Paris Fashion Week? We did.

Photos by Elle UK

Jean-Paul Gaultier has always been an inspiration for many youth culture fashion designers (even collaborating in a masstige collection for Target) and up-and-coming musicians, and his show during Paris Fashion Week last Saturday did not disappoint. A Who’s Who of fashion industry hardcores were on hand to observe Gaultier’s next steps from the iconic lace and cone corsets.

However what was interesting was the fact that not many fashion writers featured the most obvious aspect of Gaultier Spring/Summer 2011 collection which is the Joan Jett hairstyle, and Kristen Stewart-looking models (as she portrayed Jett in the movie “The Runaways”).

Gaultier featured rock ‘n roll aesthetics, like many designers for this upcoming season, indicating the strong trends from the music scene in general. Interesting elements also came with the solid colors and mix with bold reds, blacks, and blues combined with a military-type theme with mannish suits and clearly androgynous looks—which is definitely a trend also found in our street culture fashion reports.

Overall, while military and rock chic continue to greatly influence youth culture fashion in their own thrift-store/vintage ways, with designers like Gaultier copping the Jett mullet, we may also see a change from asymmetrical side-parted emo hairstyles to the The Runaways glam mullet and even more androgyny, but this time with the neon-emo that we see today among young people, but mixed with an even more eccentric feel: circa ’72-’73 David Bowie Ziggy Stardust.