Press Release: October 12, 2010, Los Angeles, CA -Released today, Label Networks presents an in-depth visual representation of kids and their personal sense of style, across the United States and Canada in the inspirational documentary report, “The Kids Are Alright -300 Street Fashion Style Portraits.”

Shot from the coastal states to the interior, from mountains to the desert regions, the prairies to the lakes, “The Kids Are Alright” illustrate the variety of fashion styles that young people prefer and why, with the rare authenticity that comes from images captured in their own environments.

“Visually seeing the range of what inspires young people to wear and assemble what they do, is an intuitive way for people to gain greater understanding of the youth market,” explains Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks and co-editor of the project. “What’s not often understood in fashion is how a young person, in the end, actually wears various pieces of apparel and accessories and where the inspiration comes from and why.”

Running 163 pages, the 300 portraits, titled carefully by State and Canadian city, are a colorful and mesmerizing journey, as they also capture the attitudes and expressions of each individual captured within each personal portrait. From prep to conservative, outrageous to nerdy, punk, otaku, Goth, geek, androgynous, and fashionista, this visual documentation provides a stimulus, telling more of the story behind youth culture today, and why they’re styles are not random mash-ups, but rather there are reasons for their choices because in reality, the kids are alright.

Youth culture continues to derive many fashion and style trends from the bottom-up, from utilitarian means combined with various lifestyle aspects, all of which is highly motivated by self-expression. The result is a contagious effect on the fashion industry as a whole as youth culture has become the new muse. This is also why many brands seek youth culture street fashion reports regardless of whether they actually market to a younger demographic or not.

For designers, marketers, advertisers, brand managers, or agencies working in youth market industries and preparing for the next season, the inspiration provided from these images will assist in creating new ideas based on another level of understanding of the individualism and DIY spirit that is at the core of youth culture fashion today.

For subscription information, email; or call (323) 630-4000. Check back later today for more, including images and trends from “The Kids Are Alright -300 Fashion Style Portraits.”