Re-inventing the use of a skateboard deck, innovative designer Gil le Bon Delapointe has created an entire collection of jet-set looking furniture pieces with recycled boards, cut-outs, and polyurethane wheels, ranging from what he calls the Tokyo Lounge Table -a sleek masterpiece–to a Nova Lamp made of 3 decks, and various chairs, lounge seats, walls, and clocks. The collection, which originally premiered at the concept store colette in Paris in January, made it’s way to downtown Los Angeles Thursday, May 8th, for an exclusive party at the famous sneaker boutique, Blends, right next to the infamous “4th Street Gap,” and was hosted by co-founder of the Skate Study House designs, Pierre Andre Senizergues, President of Sole Technology–the mothership of etnies skateboarding brand. Fans of sneakers, skateboarding, street fashion, and furniture design all came to the showcase, which coincided with the LA Artwalk, to check out Gil’s work and marvel at the innovative concepts of using boards as unique furniture design pieces.

As Gil told us, “I have been a skateboarder for most of my life, and I like hybrid design. These pieces came to me as part of the inspiration I find from both aspects. And they are beautiful and functional.”

The Skate Study House (SSH) is based on the concept of using and creating design concepts from the vision of a skateboarder. Aspects of the activity itself, combined with architecture, sustainability, art, and function have made the Skate Study House a new movement in skateboarding that extends beyond the traditional aspects of the sport itself. For this, we look forward to seeing more from the SSH and Gil le Bon Delapointe.