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Retail Round-Up: American Apparel Gets $80 Million Dollar Backer; PacSun’s Bleak Forecast; H&M On the Rise


The beleaguered PacSun continues to forecast losses into 2012, indicating a hard hit for the action sports-based retail chain which is hoping to recreate a more fashionable presence in the new year. As we’ve noted based on our Youth Culture Studies data, various action sports-based brands and extending lifestyle apparel and footwear brands have fallen […]

PacSun Reports Same-Store Sales Decrease of 3%

The struggling action sports retailer PacSun still suffers, mostly with their young women’s collection, but remain optimistic.

Action Sports Size of Market–Surf, Skate, Snowboarding, BMX, Wakeboarding, FreeSkiing, Motocross–Plus Preferred Sports Programming Show Shifts in Youth Preferences, Participation, Opportunities, and Decline


To accurately quantify size of market requires data of youth that participate vs. those that don’t vs. those interested. Label Networks’ Fall Youth Culture Study includes fresh results for all action sports, plus shifts in programming preferences, viewing patterns, and crossover potential.

Retail Round-up: Aeropostale Busts Record Shares: PacSun’s Long Road; Quiksilver Down; Buckle Up

Distinct differences in performances between fashion brands continues to fascinate forecasters as strategies undergo major shifts to attract a new youth culture.

Retail Round-up: EA Moves in Online Gaming Indicative of Industry Trends; Plus 2nd Qaurter Results from H&M, Volcom, Urban Outfitters, Target

Retail’s 2nd quarter results indicate consumers are not spending but innovative strategies such as what’s taking place with video gaming may just work.

Retail Round-up: Amazon Buys Online Retailer Zappos; PacSun Lowers Expectations; CIT Tells Fashion Industry to Brace Themselves

The roller coaster ride of retail continues with big highs and lows. Second quarter results, buy-outs, and banking trouble add fuel to the fire.