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Volcom Documentary Chronicles 21 Years of Insane Action Sports Footage and Life Lived Completely Out of the Ordinary


There’s been a growing nostalgia in the action sports world these days with snowboarding coming up to its 30th or 35th anniversary depending on who you ask, and the advent of skateboarding and surfing homegrown video technology and movie-making capabilities. So it makes sense that Volcom just announced the upcoming release of a new documentary […]

Volcom Lay-offs Due to Difficult Retail Environment


In a difficult economy, Friday’s are the days to watch as bad news usually hits at the end of week, particularly when it comes to lay-offs. Last Friday on March 30, there was preliminary news from friends who work at Volcom that lay-offs were coming. No one knew exactly what the details were—if the lay-offs […]

Volcom’s Third Quarer Financials Reveal Reveneus up 11.4%

Latest from Volcom indicates growth, especially with their brand Electric up 29.2%.

Volcom Acquires Electric Visual Evolution for $25.25 Million -Label Networks Takes a Look at What This Means Where the Brand Ranks Among Youth Culture Opportunities for Growth Based on Demographics

On January 16th, Volcom announced their all-cash offer to acquire Electric Visual Evolution -one of the hottest sunglass brands in action sports, known for their lightening bolt logo. Under the terms, Volcom will pay Electric shareholders $25.25 million. Volcom says that Electric will remain a stand-alone brand as a subsidiary of Volcom.

Volcom Buys It’s Japanese Distributor, Plus How the Street Fashion Scene Differs in Japan vs. USA

Japan continues be a hotbed target for Volcom as they continue to move internationally, however as we’ve studied, the street fashion scene, especially in Tokyo, is far different than what you’ll find anywhere else.