In search of epic surf. Frame shot courtesy of Volcom.

There’s been a growing nostalgia in the action sports world these days with snowboarding coming up to its 30th or 35th anniversary depending on who you ask, and the advent of skateboarding and surfing homegrown video technology and movie-making capabilities.

So it makes sense that Volcom just announced the upcoming release of a new documentary called Veeco: A Volcom Filmmaking Documentary by Jaime Heinrich, which chronicles 21 years of amazing footage from Volcom’s library.

Richard Woolcott and others explain how they captured amazing footage in the documentary.

The documentary  takes a look at film making legacy in the action sports world by going behind the scenes with the filmmakers and riders as they share their tales of blood, sweat and debacle in such iconic films as Alive We Ride, The Garden, Stoney Baloney, Subjekt Haakonsen, Magna Plasm, Chichagof, and more.

Caught in an avalanche and getting talked down the mountain, blind, from his friend on the radio in the heli while filming.

The documentary will be released August 26th at Meanwhile, check-out the trailer.