Topshop is a retail chain out of the UK which has expanded greatly in the last few years including stores in Hong Kong and a flagship in New York just last year. Owned by Philip Green owner of Arcadia which includes UK brands such as Wallis and Dorothy Perkins among others he is the type of billionaire who’s moved are often analyzed as indications of where market growth is next to occur.

His latest plans as revealed by Bloomberg indicate what many retailers especially in youth culture fashion are thinking which is that Brazil and China make for smart decisions in terms of expanding market growth.

According to The Economist Brazil created some 962000 new formal sector jobs in January-April 2010 alone. Growing “at the speed of China ” Sao Paulo like Shanghai and its preparations for the Shanghai World Expo is seeing skyscrapers pop up at incredible rates. Such growth spurts are the kinds that European manufacturers these days dare to dream about.

In our European Youth Culture Studies Topshop continues to be among the top retailers 13-25-year-olds prefer to shop in but it’s got heavy competition with brands such as H&M from Sweden Uniqlo from Japan and now the Gap from the USA.

“I think we’ll go to China” explained Greene to Bloomberg when asked about where to go next in markets that he thinks will drive growth. They have done well in Brazil and now China.

Next they’ll consider 5 more stores in the USA.

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