Uniqlo’s 88 Colors online campaign is as fascinating to watch as the Uniqlock back in the day.

Uniqlo, by Fast Retailing from Japan, continues to push the envelope of fashion trends not only with various designs in staples and designer collaborations, but unique stores openings, including a new one on Fifth Ave. in New York City, and a giant store in Shanghai’s West Nanjing Rd. on May 15th. In this story we point out what’s so special about the upcoming opening in Shanghai, often referred to as the “world’s development center of Asia,” and Uniqlo’s marketing and online campaigns as they re-define the retail experience.

The “From Shanghai to the World” campaign for its upcoming store launch -a 3,600 square meter space and the largest in Asia–features 320 mannequins, including many “flying mannequins” in the train station stop at the store, all wearing different Uniqlo outfits in “unique ways.” It will also feature the lucky Chinese number 8. The campaign 88 Colors includes 88 different colored summer polo shirts -a staple item for Uniqlo. However their like their popular Uniqlock online campaign which was oddly addictive to watch, the 88 Colors site features 88 beautiful Chinese girls dancing in various colored polos. It’s as mesmerizing to watch as Uniqlock was.

The Uniqlo Shanghai flagship–to open May 15, 2010.

Another item that will debut at the opening is the “Shanghai Pop Culture Project” T-shirt. Designed by local artists representing China’s leading designers, these additions to the immensely popular “UT” line were created with the theme “Creativity: From Shanghai to the World.” Staying with the lucky number, 8 designs will be available to celebrate the store opening.

A special Uniqlo original casual dress created specifically to commemorate the opening will be available, as well as this spring’s UJ jeans. The UJ jeans will be specially priced just for the global flagship opening. We anticipate that like other quintessential Uniqlo pieces, the UJ denim jeans will be a popular item globally.

To add to the store opening, six local celebrities will be on hand including Chen Kun (actor, singer), Fan Datong (singer/songwriter), Huang Dou Dou (dancer), Sun Li (singer, actress), Du Juan (supermodel), and Tan Yuan Yuan (ballet dancer).

There are many reasons that we continue to track Uniqlo, including their innovative branding and online marketing campaigns in youth culture fashion and retail. As we’ve noted in some of our Global Youth Culture Studies, Uniqlo, as a store, is often named as a favorite “brand” by young people, even though they are a part of the “no-logo” movement. It’s a type of branding that is incredibly sticky -a one-name mega brand that captures Asian youth lifestyles, and overall, has risen like a rockstar.