United Fashion Trade Show Shuts Down Until 2009

United Fashion Trade Show”, the only remaining trade show for up-and-coming brands in streetwear, has shut down it’s New York City show and Las Vegas show this summer and Fall.

According to United, “We are going through a complete facelift. United will be bigger and better. Fashion, art, and music combined for the ultimate lifestyle show created by you changing traditional “trade shows” forever! See you in 2009.”

What this means for the fashion industry will be a hard blow for new brands especially. While the United show struggled in January with limited traffic, it’s New York show still had quite a bit of momentum.

This leaves a hole for Vegas and New York for this genre of fashion. Agenda of course, is the next step for brands to try and get into, based in San Diego during ASR, but then again, like other shows, this one too is becoming more directional and streamlined.