If you’ve noticed a lapse in fresh story postings over the last few days, we’d like to say we were in D.C. covering the Presidential inauguration, but in reality we were moving. Yes, Label Networks has moved -not far, just across the street, still in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Over the next few weeks as we move into trade show season, you can expect many new stories on youth culture fashion trends from the shows, runways, designers, and new forecasts on street styles based on our international team of researchers and reporters.

For subscribers, we’ll continue to post Global Youth Culture Studies with fresh data and analysis. Up next this month is our 3rd annual China Youth Culture Study -a highly anticipated Study based on topics ranging from 15-25-year-olds’ consumer fashion trends, shopping patterns, music, technology, communication, changes in lifestyle, spending patterns, sports, video gaming, and more. Given that China has become a key focus for many brands seeking fresh target markets, the timing couldn’t be better.

Label Networks has also been chosen by MAGIC Fashion Trade Show to deliver our Global Youth Culture Street Fashion presentation on the second day of the show, February 18th at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is required and since MAGIC is only hosting a limited number of trending presentations this time, we anticipate that our presentation will be at maximum capacity! Registration can be found on the front page of Label Networks.

Finally our 9th year bi-annual Youth Culture Spring Study (from North America) will be getting underway soon as we gather data and information from 13-25-year-olds across 48 different locations in terms of how the markets have changed. Our most popular and largest global study, the Spring Study 2009 will provide much needed information about the changes in the economy, ways to reach a new generation concerned about spending, and fresh market opportunities for youth culture brands. Proprietary questions for subscribers are available at this time.

Thank you and stay tuned for much more in the future!