Aeropostale engages in another discount strategy.

Aeropostale today announced their Q2 financials and once again, show that they are struggling within a challenging climate for retailers. Today’s youth culture demographic is less interested in buying what they have to sell. As we’ve noted in many of this year’s Youth Culture Studies, and our upcoming Sustainability and Fall Youth Culture Studies 2013, the marketplace has shifted its shopping patterns greatly: what was once important is no longer the greatest influencer towards actually buying.

Aeropostale is a warning bell of what may be a difficult back-to-school season for retailers as they adjusted once again for a greater loss than expected, including marking down more clothing and creating a discount strategy again.

Aeropostale CEO Thomas Johnson stated that traffic has been slower in their stores and less people were buying in July, which is the kick-off to what is usually a high season. Shares fell 27 cents to $13.87 by mid-morning. For Q2 ending in August, sales were down 6% to $454 million. Online fell 15% which is another sign of challenging times ahead especially as more young people are actually turning to buying online.

Earlier this week, American Eagle Outfitters lowered its Q2 earnings outlook due to weaker sales also, which is turning teen retail into a discount dilemma due to overstock and low demand. What will also be a telltale sign is when Abercrombie & Fitch reveal their Q2 results on August 22, 2013.

“As we reposition the Aeropostale brand, we believe our current merchandise assortment is more fashionable and relevant,” Johnson continued regarding changes made to the brand to try and gain more teen marketshare.

Meanwhile, back-to-school has begun and it may take time for the brand to find its footing with a new generation of consumers. In the next few weeks, much will be revealed about how teen retailers do overall as financials are reported.