Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin revamps their website to reach end-consumers.

While the popular streetwear and denim trade show in Berlin, Bread & Butter, is known for exceeding expectations when it comes to attracting the top brands in streetwear, denim, and urbanwear, the one missing element was relaying it’s message to the end consumers. Like all industry-only trade shows, the public is not invited, however like other trade shows and fashion in general, exclusivity doesn’t help to get the public behind the brand, especially if they can’t see what’s going on.

Today, September 30, 2013, Bread & Butter announced the relaunch of their website as of November which will include additions to their trade show guide, among other things, to bring the experiences and brands of the show to the end-consumer.

According to an interview in Sportswear International, Founder and Director of Bread & Butter, Karl-Heinz Muller said, “The website will not only be an information platform for buyers and industry members, but parts of it will also address end consumers with an online magazine.”

The concept to extend the website with and online magazine stems from their connection with Parasol Island, according to Sportswear International. Parasol Island is launching with Bread & Butter a campaign that states the famous John F. Kennedy quote to introduce the creatives behind the brands showcasing at Bread & Butter. This not only includes industry people, but bloggers and opinion leaders and models.

The concept will also extend to their upcoming print campaigns towards telling the story behind the brands and what’s taking place in the industry of streetwear and denim. While the site already has some interesting video interviews and a strong Instagram following, Bread & Butter plans to ramp-up social network initiatives and collaborations with the online consumer magazine.

According to Muller, “Of course we will keep the consumer and the wholesale business separate, but also we as a trade show have to reach the consumer. Things have changed outside and you have to bring your message through to the consumer directly today.”

Apparently, Bread & Butter also still faces the on-going question of whether or not they will be changing cities a they did in the past to which Muller expressed: “We clearly have to change something about Bread & Butter, but not the city! Berlin as base of streetwear and denim is better for Bread & Butter than any other location in the world.”

The next Bread & Butter in Berlin will take place January 14-16, 2013.

Busy scene at the Bread & Butter trade show in July, 2013.