The President of NTWRK Agency, Kellen Roland.

Over the past several years, downtown LA’s fashion district has become a hub for a growing number of showrooms and brands, particularly men’s brands, but was often overlooked within the fashion industry.

This week, several of the showrooms in the area including The Ntwrk Agency, The FNDTN, The Park, and Flagship got together and decided it was time to create an LA Men’s Market during LA Fashion Market which takes place October 14-15, 2013.

Willard Ford from Flagship said, “We expect 200 buyers to come through, and we’re expecting more at-once buyer. We’re hoping to establish a culture where people take advantage of showrooms.”

Brands that will be a part of the showroom experience include Lifetime Collective, Brothers Marshall, Herschel. And from The FNDTN’s showroom, brands such as Generic Surplis, InCase, Alife, Play Clothes, and Super Sunglasses.

Other activities center around the culture of downtown LA included an opening night ping-pong tournament and drinks and music at The Standard Hotel, which is walking distance from the fashion district showrooms. The last night includes a reception/networking party at the Flagship’s old kung-fu cinema called the Kim Sing Theatre.

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