Photos courtesy of Access Agency. The Nike giant swoosh mega snowboard ramp.

A new campaign coming out from a new agency called Access Agency (creators of the Cool Hunter newsletter) have launched an interesting viral marketing campaign called Nike Extreme -Just Experience It. So far the concept is just that and not a “real” usable big swoosh like a mega snowboard ramp, or massive blow-up slide into the ocean, but like the agency says, “We are creating Nike Extreme experiences around the globe.”

Swoosh toboggans.

These photos are from their concepts of using the swoosh as toboggans or massive slides from which to create potential experiences. The idea of course is to create buzz around the concept and think outside of the box, or in this case, really really big. But if you’re Nike, you’re already a behemoth, so it’s not that unusual that some of these ideas are enormous, too.

If some of these concepts are made into reality, then the hope is that people can experience such rides and video their experiences, capture photos, etc. to create a viral buzz, which would obviously integrate the giant Nike logo swoosh.

Swoosh into the sea.

Louis Vuitton%uFFFDs City Guides
The other campaign we’re sort of liking right now is the Louis Vuitton City Guides campaign which actually launches October 15th starting in NYC. As a viral video marketing concept, it may work well with social media savvy youth culture in that it tells the story of why New York City is called “The Big Apple.” The Louis Vuitton guide, which is created as an extension of the brand’s iconic logos and colors, flips through the pages of the story of NYC and where the concept of the Big Apple may have come from -from the jazz singers and their Adam’s apple, to turn-of-the-century fine ladies being called “apples,” to the Apple cube store in Manhattan, (which attracts more people than the Statue of Liberty), to a local bakery known for making the best apple pie.

The colors of the video and NY historic landscapes also capture the muted colors of Louis Vuitton and its age-old tradition of history, elegance, and adventure. After all, they started with luggage.

Check it out: