Punk-Military paired with tall Doc Martens were part of Elmer Ave.’s Spring 2010 Collection at LA Fashion Week with a runway show taking place in the Old Bank District in downtown Los Angeles.

In this so-called “week” of LA Fashion Week, which by our count, once you get done with BoxEight shows this coming weekend (featuring Jeffrey Sebelia), and GenArt next week, will run a total of 3 weeks, we’ve been able to take our time in sourcing the really cool shows and locations.

The Elmer Ave. fashion show, like SkinGraft Designs last week, is a highly coveted ticket for checking out the latest fashion trends from the City of Angeles. On October 17th, Elmer Ave.’s secret location was revealed and it happened to be across the street from Label Networks. We couldn’t get any luckier. Taking over the old Farmer’s Merchant Bank (the oldest bank building in Los Angeles, now commonly rented for movies and bank robbery scenes), was transformed with chairs and a massively high runway for their show.

Designers Collin Pulsipher, Jonny Day, Ward Robinson, and Sean Murphy moved slightly away from their punk, high-end Western theme into punk-military and a more wearable collection. This included a range of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel marked with long military jackets and bright linings, sky-high Doc Martens, and tuxedo pants which went well with the various vests and jackets. Other highlights included women’s vests with long, waist-coast like tails, and medallions which gave the collection a steampunk aesthetic. Silk short skirts with suspenders, colorful red denim pants, and a mix of military camo dresses with long pleated tails topped off the collection.

In many ways, the overall vibe felt less old-school punk, than a recontextualized version of the times we live in since they combined military motifs, steampunk embellishments, and even included some incredibly cool pieces for kids.