Artwork from Leisurely Woodsman show by Clint Peterson, WeSC activist.

WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy has always been known to host some extremely interesting events, from a house party at Coachella with a band from Sweden, to intimate art shows featuring their wide range of WeSC activists (including Jason Lee, Stretch Armstrong, Matthew Weinstein, among others). So on Saturday night, February 20, 2010, at their store, it shouldn’t have come as such a big surprise that their show called “Leisurely Woodsman” featuring the artwork of Clint Peterson, a WeSC activist, would be so unique, but it was a surprise, anyway.

How can you prepare for seeing a log made into a skateboard? Or the co-mingling of LA Eastside hipsters with Westside surf-skaters, all eating flapjacks topped with whip cream while downing Pabst Blue Ribbons?

Eastside-Westside…let’s all get together for some flapjacks at WeSC!

Clint Peterson, the ultimate in arty lumberman-ness, played the role his artwork inspired, complete with suspenders, old-school Timbs, Elmer hat, and the start of a beard. His artwork inspires the need to sit by a fire place and contemplate nature and your small part in it. Made of burn drawings on wood of deer, antlers, and block prints into pine and bark, his work is an interesting mix of nature, fine art, and collage.

Artist Clint Peterson and Jessie Cohen from WeSC.

Ironically, his artwork is also an excellent representation of the whole Americana/heritage movement we’re going through right now in terms of fashion. The event, complete with Stereo skaters with their skater flannel tops, tight emo dark denim pants, and signature skate shoes ranging from Vans, DC to Emerica co-mingling amongst the fashionistas, was a striking representation of just how WeSC tends to crossover so many different genres. This is not an easy feat. But like their denim, designer headphones, and upper street/contemporary collections for men and women, they have been able to cross into many different subcultures quite successfully.

Stereo skateboards was a sponsor of the event (along with Pabst Blue Ribbon), which attracted Fuel TV, among others to come document the affair. Hosted by Chris Pastras and Jason Lee, and featuring a DJ spinning late ’70’s, Fleetwood Mac-ish, Cali-countrified rock, followed by an odd band who’s lead plays a saw, it was the ultimate odyssey of a woodsy party in a beautiful store in a high-end retail section of town. Robertson, no less. Go figure.

Woodblock prints on wood artwork by Clint Peterson.

One heck of a log skateboard.

Chris Pastras from Stereo Skateboards with decks in the background including collabs with Clint Peterson.

This DJ was spinning very appropriate tunes ranging from old George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac, and other late ’70s, countrified Cali-rock.

Arguably, it was WeSC that broke the mold for an apparel brand to launch designer headphones. On the far side in camo yellow are the new collaboration headphones with Medicom from Japan featuring Be@rBrick in iconic WeSC archival patterns of Egg Beer, Swedish, Travel, and Crayfish.

Summer looks to expect from WeSC.

Part of the WeSC hipster crowd at the event.

Typical lovely ambiance of WeSC dressing rooms.