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J-Rock is fast-growing subculture that has taken American youth culture by storm. 3 bands on the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour”, including Mucc, The Underneath, and the legendary D’espairsRay have brought their passionate Japanese rock sounds and visual kei aesthetics to the U.S., which has transformed the music scene on many levels.

In an exclusive interview with Label Networks TV, captured April 10th at the Taste of Chaos in Long Beach, the members of D’espairsRay tell Label Networks what they think about Japanese audiences vs. American, their fashion style, and more.

To provide a little history of the band, D’espairsRay, first crossed international borders in 2004 when Japanese bands were still unknown to foreign lands. They started out in Europe and debuted stateside in 2005 for their very first American headline tour, hitting San Jose, San Francisco, and Dallas.

In fall of the same year, they played Europe once more and returned to West Coast America, opening for Genitorturers, playing in 8 states. In 2006, they released their first album in Europe and received tremendous response from local fans. They were also among the last few bands to play at the legendry rock club CBGB in New York. That summer, they were invited to participate in the Wacken Open Air metal festival in Germany again garnering vast attention from press and music lovers. In winter of 2006, they headlined a European tour, appearing at 14 venues in 8 countries, with their popularity growing.

We first met up with D’espairsRay during the J-Rock Revolution last summer, where Label Networks TV had exclusive backstage passes. To see more from that show, go to www.youtube.com/labelnetworks.

Check out what the band has to say from the Taste of Chaos Tour.