Uniqlo collab top courtesy of colette in Paris

There’s a reason we tend to report on the very coolest of pop-up shop concepts, because that’s where excitement in retail is headed. So when Japanese fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo announced it was doing a shop-in-a-shop concept in the very cool concept store colette in Paris, we knew this was noteworthy.

Come August 31- September 26, you can go into colette and then go into a Uniqlo shop inside the shop of colette. While this sounds very Alice in Wonderland, it sort of is because it’s an interesting collaboration between two stores getting together not competitively but to enhance each other.

Of course Uniqlo’s reasoning for doing this is to create additional hype to the much hyped flagship that’s opening in fall, 20009 called the Uniqlo Paris Opera.

In the Uniqlo shop-in-shop pop-up in colette, you can expect loads of super limited-edition items with the typical Japanese simplicity, style, quality, and affordability which are making Uniqlo a retailer that’s changing the way things are done in fashion.