Chart from Label Networks’ Digital Lifestyle Profile Report 2009

Our Digital Lifestyle Profile Report 2009 reveals very interesting trends when it comes to 13-25-year-olds across North America regarding their social media habits, communication, top websites preferences, and other aspects of living a digital lifestyle. As a pre-release to the Report, which comes out next week (and is free for Premium subscribers), we wanted to showcase the results specifically to the question, “How many video clips do you watch online each day?”

By tracing the patterns of averages and percentages you can see that watching video online is clearly taking a bite out of TV, as most people know. But to see the results by gender and age groups, brands can begin to more specifically target and determine just where posting videos (especially video clips, meaning short bites) make the most sense and why making online videos is an important part of any overall brand strategy when it comes to you culture.

Overall, among a representative sample of more than 6,250 13-25-year-olds across North America, young people watch 8 video clips per day online. This is a significant number and indicates that creating and making videos for online promotion, advertising, marketing, branding, and entertainment is of vital importance.

However while females tend to spend longer amounts of time online, males have higher averages watching 9 video clips online per day compared with females watching 7.

In addition, there’s a correlation by age group indicating the changes taking place as a new generation continues to move online. Overall, the younger the age group, the higher the averages of watching video clips online with 13-14-year-olds watching the most at 9 per day; followed by 15-17-year-olds at 8 per day; and 18-20 and 21-25-year-olds watching 7 video clips online per day.

Another interesting factor is that if you look at the percentages rather than averages, by gender watching 5 video clips online per day is highest among both genders with 17.6% of females and 17.5% of males, but where males increase is that second highest for males at 14.7% say they watch 10 video clips per day compared with 11.4% of females. The second highest percentage for females is 3 video clips per day at 12.2%.

What’s interesting to point about the specific results to this question is that creating and posting online videos (usually short ones) are an effective way to reach youth culture in North America, especially as new generation comes into the marketplace and are clearly watching more than older demographics.

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