JOhn Fluevog's Ask Clogs collection feature a QR coded heel with a story.

The usage of QR codes has again come into play in a unique fashion when it comes to increasing brand awareness, this time with the legendary shoe brand Fluevog and the introduction of QR codes on the heal that allow buyers to watch a video clip of how their shoe was made.

John Fluevog, the creator behind the brand that has served up fabulous footwear to rockstars and fashionistas globally for years, has always been at the forefront of technology, including his social media platform Feetbook, massive fan-supported website and FB following within the growing world of “Fluevogians.” And now QR codes have been added as part of his design palette for the handmade Ask Clogs collection.   The QR codes, readable on many smart phones, link to a short video of the journey one’s shoe made in the process of creation. From John’s own sketches of the shoe, to the raw materials used, to the surrounding atmosphere of the shoe manufacturing, to the hands used in the handmade process of the Ask Clogs, it’s a compelling storyline and unique marketing and advertising tool that’s been effective among youth culture consumers. In addition, by seeing the process it provides a greater understanding of all the work involved with a transparency that allows for appreciation and qualification around the asking price for the shoes—aspects that are becoming more important among today’s savvy consumers.

This kind of innovation is one reason why FastCompany profiled Fluevog as one of the top 10 most innovative fashion companies last year.

Check out the video.