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Los Angeles has become the new hotspot for textiles and manufacturing and not just because American Apparel is here and has done an amazing job of illustrating the benefits of vertically integrated manufacturing”, or that several top denim sources and manufacturers still reign supreme in the garment district, but word-up is that Urban Expositions out of Atlanta, which does the massive show in Miami called Material World, plans to start a Material World in LA in 2009.

Not to be outdone, Dallas Market Center, another hefty player in the textile and show industries, said they too are planning a textile show in Los Angeles in 2009. A press conference is being held on Friday, May 30th in downtown, Los Angeles at the hipster hotel with the cool rooftop pool and bar (and home to the “Swim with the Sharks” summer parties featuring Hit and Run live T-shirt screenprinting), The Standard, which will include representatives of the Textile Association of Los Angeles. (Stay tuned for news from the conference.)

While it’s great to see the textile industry thrive in Los Angeles, and the United States in general, especially for smaller brands and trendsetters needing a faster turn-around than shipping from China, it does increase competition within the local LA textile industry itself. Noted: The Los Angeles International Textile Show is one of the largest and oldest in the industry, held twice a year at California Market Center (next one is scheduled for October 27-29). If all plans come true, 2009 may see 2 more companies coming into Los Angeles with massive bi-annual textile shows.

Finally, IDG World Expo (which produces E3 Media & Business Summit and MacWorld) announced they are launching “Reveal LA” shows in 2009 to be held at the California Market Center, LA Live, and other downtown locations to showcase the growing designer and fashion community of Los Angeles.

Add to all of this the burgeoning downtown scene of artists, musicians, fashion designers and corresponding trends, new fashion trade show Class in Santa Monica, and LA Fashion Week finally becoming important, LA never looked so good.