Nike SB X Levi’s Omar Salazar LR Denim Collection.

An interesting collab worth noting is the recent Nike Skateboarding X Levi’s Omar Salazar denim collection, including 511 jeans and trucker jacket, and Omar skate shoe dropping August 1, with a limited-edition of 2,000 pairs of denim jeans.

A new video featuring Nike Skateboarding pro Omar Salazar skating and living unfiltered as he does on the daily was made in honor of the special collaboration. The clip pushes off with Omar hopping a freight train heading into San Francisco. Once in the city, you can see Omar’s unique street style of riding utilizing the urban landscape in new ways for fresh tricks. At once point, he wipes-out and it looks like his denim is “smoking” from sliding on pavement at a high speed.

The denim jeans are somewhat skinny leg silhouette but slightly looser than traditional emo-denim currently trending among youth culture (and non-skaters). The jeans feature Levi’s Waterless manufacturing and Dri-Fit, durable performance fabrics.

In addition to the denim however are the new Nike SB sneaks by Omar Salazar which mark another step in Nike’s domination of skateboarding.