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MAHFIA And Group Y To Host 2nd Women’s Action Sports Industry Event


Mahfis Sessions with Group Y have been making great strides when it comes to women in action sports. First, with their women snowboarding pioneers summit in Mammoth last winter, and coming this week, June 19-21 in Portland, OR, another on women in skateboarding. As we’ve seen in our Youth Culture Studies, action sports are extremely […]

Nike SB X Levi’s Omar Salazar LR Denim Collection and Skate Sneak Dropping August 1


An interesting collab worth noting is the recent Nike Skateboarding X Levi’s Omar Salazar denim collection, including 511 jeans and trucker jacket, and Omar skate shoe dropping August 1, with a limited-edition of 2,000 pairs of denim jeans. A new video featuring Nike Skateboarding pro Omar Salazar skating and living unfiltered as he does on […]

Skateboard Culture’s Public Domaine Show in Paris at La Gaite Lyrique Brings Art, Video, Pros, Music, Lifestyle to the City


With a series of events and exhibitions, the relatively new space La Gaite Lyrique is bringing global skate culture to the forefront in Europe.

China Youth Culture’s Future Concerns, Changes, and Comparisons to Other Youth Markets, Provides Vital Insight for Marketers and Brand Managers Looking to Tap Into the World’s Largest Youth Population


What motivates and concerns youth culture of China is telling in why certain lifestyle brands and subcultures are attractive or not. Reflecting on data results from Label Networks’ China Youth Culture Study.