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In what’s becoming a growing movement in street fashion and art collaborations”, on May 17, 2008, the 2nd LABELLAB Exhibition took place at Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles featuring live fashion art creations and installations by LABELLAB members’ Drifter David and David, and Pretti Vacant Accessories, with a special screening of “Bomb It” -The Graffiti Documentary by Jon Reiss. The Exhibition was an exciting opportunity for emerging street fashion brands to depict their independent style through artistic interpretations in a unique gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

To start, Yoshi from Drifter along with graphic artist for the brand Daniel Cone created a mosaic mobile hanging from the ceiling made of colorful blue, red, off-white, purple, screenprints that shown like cathedral windows as the sun was setting over the city. The inspiration, according to Daniel and Yoshi, came from using their graphic T-shirt screenprints whereby light could shine through the images in the screens to create a different mood in the gallery and also showcase the artistry in Drifter’s brand designs.

Pretti Vacant accessories illustrated “The Good and the Bad” with two plexiglass landscapes depicting her jewelry in scenescapes that were good on top and bad on the bottom, like heaven and hell. Her plexiglass pieces including boomboxes turntables, multi-layered deer antlers, hearts, lightening bolts, and other icons of music and graffiti culture captured the attention of all who attended as the perused her incredible display and watched her montage projection of the craft of actually making each piece.

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