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Why China’s Social Networks Make Money and Ours Don’t -Taking a Look at Youth Usability Preferences

In China, top social networks make money -we’re talking billions. And no, it’s not all through ads. Label Networks explains how, plus why you should know the leading social networks among youth culture.

Top T-shirt Brand Preferences by North American Youth Culture Indicate Vital Changes in Fashion Landscape-Fresh Data from Spring Study 2009

As one of the highest-grossing markets in youth and street fashion, T-shirt brands that score high as favorites indicate where things are headed and why.

%u201CWhat is your favorite brand of footwear?” plus Changes in Spending on Footwear and Sneaker Culture Trend-Fresh Data

Label Networks’ Spring Youth Culture Study 2009 drops today, and in it, top footwear and sneaker culture trends. Here’s a sneak-peak.

Fresh Data Reveals Blogging Pattern Changes and How This Impacts Communication -Results from Label Networks’ Spring Study 2009

The Digital Lifestyle of Youth Culture Since the Recession/Depression is Changing. Here’s a Sneak Preview of New Data from Label Networks’ Spring Study 2009.

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival Brings-Out Fresh Line-Up of Music and Officially Kicks-off Summer 09 Festival Fashion Trends

Highlights from the kick-off of music festival season provides a sneak peak inside entertainment’s best upcoming music and arts performances.

Which country do you think is producing the freshest fashion trends? -Fresh Results from Label Networks’ China Youth Culture Study 2009

Taken from Label Networks’ China Youth Culture Study 2009, results illustrate where the world’s largest youth culture market is looking for new fashion trends and what this means for potential opportunities.

The End of the Fashion Tents for New York Fashion Week as the Show Gets Moved to Lincoln Center

The notorious Bryant Park fashion tents during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week often caused chaos, overcrowding, and paparazzi meltdowns. The circus is over.

Lifestyle Choices in 2009: Craftivism, Living Virtual, and Interactive Solutions Among Top Youth Culture Lifestyle Choices in Label Networks’ New Year’s Zeitgeist Report

Youth culture lifestyle choices provide forecasts for effective brand strategies across the board -from entertainment and news, to fashion, technology, music, sports, and choices in living.