Cover of Label Networks%uFFFD North American Youth Culture Study 2009

Press Release–Label Neworks%uFFFD Spring Youth Culture Study 2009 Released Today!

Youth Culture Study Reveals Recession Impact and New Market Trends in Fashion, New Media, Sports, Entertainment, Spending, Lifestyle Traits

Fresh research released today from Label Networks%uFFFD 9th biannual North American Youth Culture Study reveals how the recession combined with the hope of a new President, plus significant changes in new media, communication patterns, technology, and spending, are effecting young people ages 13-25-years-old and how they’re flipping and creating new trends based on such changes.

“We’ve seen huge drops in popular brand names that are free-falling during this recession and others that have found new answers to attracting youth markets,” explains Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, the world%uFFFDs leading global youth culture intelligence media company, and producer of the North American Youth Culture Study 2009. “The game is different now. Everything you thought about before in marketing and branding is being redefined based on how this new generation is going to spend and what they’re going to do.”

Based on over 6,000 interviews across North America from a statistically sound representative sampling conducted within the last 6 weeks, the North American Youth Culture Study 2009 is the most current youth consumer insights study available. It also delivers far more depth than typical youth branding “top-10 brand lists” by offering in some cases, hundreds of rankings so that it’s clear to see the up-and-comers and who is fading. Results are then cross-tabulated by gender and again by 4 different age groups. Combined with unique comparative analysis called “Macro Trends” written and illustrated for each topic by Label Networks’ Youth Culture Experts, it provides a quick snapshot of key findings with historical analysis, visuals, and pull-quotes for fast, effective, future forecasting.

Topics covered include 13-25-year-olds’ changes in spending patterns, top fashion, footwear, T-shirts, and denim brands, changes in retailer preferences and impacts of fast-fashion, pop-up, boutiques, plus clever insight into the competitive beverages and energy drink marketplace, communication patterns and preferences via cell phones, TV, movies, actors, top websites, top online retail sites, plus the effect of changes in music subcultures, action sports vs. team vs. individual sports, entertainment shifts, video gaming preferences including platforms, plus how the environment, new media, electronics, and technology are leveling the playing field and engaging this new youth culture demographic in a variety of important new ways.

“With such significant changes in the economy, our Youth Culture Study 2009 has become even more vital for brands needing to stay several steps ahead of market changes,” continues Wallace. “And because our Studies are more affordable than many other youth intelligence companies, and yet offer far more information in comparison, we’ve been able to attract today’s original thinkers in branding and marketing. Label Networks is truly a network, providing our subscribers not just one-off reports, but on-going access to daily news and insights about the global youth culture landscape, which creates an on-going dialogue with new leaders and up-and-coming players in several different industries, keeping the loop of information from new youth markets to brands and back again tight and effective,” explains Wallace.

Highlights from the North American Youth Culture Study 2009 include:
Spending patterns on a variety of categories with comparisons to the last 6 months covering where youth are spending more or holding back and why
Favorite fashion brands indicating new directions and lifestyle changes and why this is happening in specific locations
T-shirt size of market, price points, and spending patterns, plus graphic directions
Denim brands that are capturing marketshare since the recession and where the most effective price points per volume are based, plus design, color, wash, and silhouette trends
Sneaker culture as influenced by youth preferences and those that no longer resonate and others are on the rise
Electronic purchasing patterns indicating just how important this category is within overall spending and its impact on the digital lifestyle of this market
Social Networking indicators within specific niche sites perpetuating the rise of trends in self-expression, communication, spending patterns, plus more on new media, Twitter, IM/Chat, and texting
Action sports popularity shifts, team sports, individual sports, and lifestyle indicators, icons and watching patterns
Changes in retail and the new spirit of shopping experiences among youth culture
Retail landscape measuring big-box, fast fashion stores with boutiques, and online retailing trends
Grassroots and New Media effectiveness and what works now
Video gaming preferences that are opening the floodgates to a new marketplace, plus platforms and changes in the marketplace
New top music preferences and the sources of influence in fashion, hairstyles, accessories, and communication patterns
Mad potential of certain markets and why, quantified with shifts in buying habits, brand preferences, online shopping patterns, new meaning of authenticity
Top Future Concerns and perceptions of Success, Happiness, Environment, Money tapping into new psychodemographics of today%uFFFDs youth culture

The North American Youth Culture Study 2009 is part of Label Networks%uFFFD Premium Global Youth Culture Subscription, which also includes:
Daily Updates providing fresh news, reviews, trends, fashion, music, sports, festivals, media, events, retail hotspots, emerging subcultures
Spring Fall Youth Culture Studies, plus European, Japan, China Youth Culture Studies: Carefully edited with top key new findings, including historical patterns information, primary data, charts, graphs including cross-tabulations by gender age groups
Macro Trend Summaries detailing high-level analysis for quick snapshots of key trends within specific topics
Street Photography depicting leading-edge trends in fashion, footwear, sports, accessories, attitudes, tattoos, style
Quantitative Charts, Graphs, Frequencies, plus Cross-tabulations by Gender, Age Groups, Country
Historical Data Story Access for trending future forecasting
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For thought-leaders looking to maximize their strategies as they pertain to the youth marketplace, Label Networks’ North American Youth Culture Study 2009 provides authentic street-level information about the demographic profile, economic, and cultural threads of influence across one of the largest and most trendsetting markets in the world. For subscription information, email; or call (323) 630-4000.

The margin of error for the data in the North American Youth Culture Study 2009 is less than 2.5% at a confidence level of 95%.