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Bread and Butter Berlin Announces Big Changes, Eliminating Certain Exhibitors and Re-Organizing Areas to Prepare for Forecasted Challenges in Fashion in the Near Future


Undoubtedly the leading fashion trade show in Europe for Street and Urbanwear, Bread and Butter in Berlin leads the way for evolution in cadence with the changing times. On Sept 4, 2012, President Karl-Heinz Muller announced his show has faced some decisions and would be editing out specific brands in the future and limiting the […]

Denim Round-up: Guerilla24 Selvedge Denim From Hong Kong; True Religion Goes Americana; Bread & Butter’s Denim Religion Show


Introducing Guerilla24 Guerilla24, a unique new denim brand from Hong Kong featuring selvedge jeans, is taking an interesting marketing route of utilizing street art as the backdrop to the appropriately named Guerilla24. Debuting earlier this month in the downtown street art gallery Crewest, the brand collaborated also with Bullet Magazine for its opening show, attracting […]

The Denim Religion Show at Bread and Butter Berlin Brings Performance Art and Streetwear Together


As Bread & Butter Berlin ramps-up for their leading-edge fashion trade show, they’re also releasing invites to a variety of interesting art shows, music, and various unique performances that combine fashion and movement. One that we found especially appealing is The Denim Religion Show to take place each day, July 3-5, 2012 at the Tempel […]

European Trade Show Updates: Bench Skips Bread & Butter; Panorama Cancelled; Flip, Trade Show for Streetwear, Action Sports Springs to Action


The effects of the economy have taken a particularly hard toll for European fashion trade shows and brands, but at the same time, with such challenges, redefined new markets and opportunities have risen that may not have been available before. First, Flip, a new trade show for action sports, urban, and streetwear, created by Moda, […]

Bread and Butter Berlin Kicks-Off In Style, From Cotton-Club Themed Opening to Latest in Denim, Sport, and Street

Opening day at Bread and Butter Berlin reveals optimism and excitement, particularly for denim and street fashion industries.

14 Oz. Berlin, Leading-Edge Urban Culture and Denim Store Owned by Bread and Butter Director, Karl-Heinz Muller, Releases Unique Catalogue Featuring True Meaning of Season-Spanding Classics

Heritage trends are here to stay, and if there’s one store that captures this entirely in Europe, it’s 14 oz. in Berlin. 224 pages reveal what’s now considered the most timeless and classic.

Berlin Round-up: Fashion Week, Bread & Butter, Bright Trade Shows, plus Tony Hawk and Friends

Fast becoming the place to be July 7-10, Berlin pulled out all the stops when it came to kicking-off fashion season and trade shows, including a stopover by Hawk and friends.