Skateboarding culture crosses so many different facets of youth lifestyles today, that it’s not uncommon for various art exhibitions and museums to create entire sphere’s dedicated to the scene, in turn attracting industry veterans, artists, musicians, and sponsors.

In Paris from June 18-August 7th, there is a series of events, launching from the Gaite Lyrique including an amazing exhibition of top street and skate-inspired artists called Public Domaine. The name pays homage to the original filmmaker of skateboarding, Stacy Peralta and the name of his video “Public Domain” produced in the 1980’s which was known to revolutionize the scene.

The show, under the direction of J?r?me Delormas from the gallery, is the brainchild of Vincent Carry in collaboration with Pedro Winter and Morgan Bouvant and invited representatives, Yogi Proctor and S?bastien Carayol, and Benoit Rousseau, as music programmer.

Other than the art exhibitions and photography, there’s also fashion events, video gaming, film premieres and concerts, including Dinosaur Jr., Tommy Guerrero, and Mix Master Mike among many others. Events include Skateboarding Day on June 21st, GIRL Skateboard’s Night on June 22, the Etnies Nest part on June 30th, Thrasher celebrating 30 years of magazine publishing on July 2, sponsored with Nike SB.

There’s also a Skate Spot event with demos by skate teams Etnies, GIRL, and Nike SB open to the public, and a dedicated area for video games, books, films, and multimedia resources for the public at the gallery.

Overall the event provides a vital look at what’s keeping skateboarding culture at the forefront these days, while hosting new opportunities for video and editorial content to come out of this gathering of the tribes in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Public Domaine : Skateboard Culture – Teaser from La Ga?t? Lyrique on Vimeo.