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VF Corp’s 3rd Quarter Results Indicate Growth for The North Face and Vans

International revenue, particularly in Asia, and direct-to-consumer are where things are doing well for the conglomerate and illustrates where market potential lies.

The Decline of the Action Sports Lifestyle -A Wake-up Call to an Industry That Still Thinks Its Hot

Comparing youth consumer insights over 9 years, Label Networks reveal which demographics, brands, and retailers are in decline and why, plus which sports and lifestyles are poised to pop.

CIT Takes $3 Billion Loan but Will This Save Small-to-Mid Size Fashion and Retail Businesses?

Fashion and retail industries’ fall on more bad news as their greatest bank loan factor staves off bankruptcy%u2026for now.

General Growth Properties, Nation’s Largest Mall Owner, Declares Bankruptcy

It’s the biggest commercial real estate collapse in our history. As more malls grow dark, what happens to retail?

Pool Fashion Trade Show Reflects Unexpected Upbeat Mood as Art-Inspired Designers and Boutique Buyers Explore New Options with High-Volume Traffic

Pool continues to show that trade shows can stand apart -even if it’s within the same hall as others -based on the quality and uniqueness of its exhibitors and buyers.

Japan’s Leading Fashion Retail Scene with the Opening of Marui One in Shinjuku, Growing Fanbase of La Floret Avatars, and Top Visual Kei Brands and Styles Provide Fresh Insight on What Works in a Recession

American fashion retailers and brands in youth culture markets are studying what’s working in Japan and why as more ideas prove successful for reaching a new generation of consumers. Fresh street style photos, brands, and data.