Give it up to youth culture marketers to create the most innovative online campaigns of the future. Two that we think are on the cutting-edge include Hanes EcoSmart YouTube video and Levi Strauss’ new social network “like” features.

First, in the Hanes video, it combines a sense of humor with environmental responsibility that future young people will have if you basically, don’t buy their EcoSmart T-shirts, underwear, and socks. In the video, two guys are walking through a mall, one wearing EcoSmart by Hanes, and the other is not. The dude that’s not, keeps getting the stink-eye from toddlers who are pissed he’s not being eco-friendly because that will obviously effect their future. It’s funny and delivers the message effectively.

According to Hanes, their new EcoSmart collection uses recycled plastic bottles and textile remnants among other things to create this collection.

Levi%uFFFDs Like Campaign.

The second campaign we like is Levi’s “Declare Your Likes” campaign. This online promotion for their new denim collection features several social network features such as a “like” button that you can click and share with friends. It also includes a way to buy and share your decisions with friends of like minds. So basically you can buy your Levi’s socially. It’s not yet a crowdsourcing feature like we wrote about last week, because you can’t basically post your own versions of a Levi’s style you create yourself, but it does tap into social shopping patterns online.

So far, the Levis Like area has 288,570 people who like various styles of Levis. The most liked men’s style is the 501 Original Jeans that are Dark, Aged. Most liked female’s style is Low Skinny 531’s in Black Sheen.