Street snaps taken across the nation this summer indicate that as the season has progressed, more young people are transforming their personal styles by including the layering piece of vests. We first started picking this up around Houston and Dallas, but discovered similar pockets of vest-loving people in New Mexico and Florida and parts of the Carolinas. Now, vests in various shapes are among new staple pieces in youth culture fashion.

The interesting aspect however is that they are easily worn by both genders. Youth culture today is far more “post-gender” than in previous generations, meaning that the distinction between males and females isn’t as marked. Some say it’s a result of the metro-sexual movement with guys caring more about their appearances but it goes both ways, literally. For example, in sports, we see girls wanting to take up what traditionally were considered more male-oriented sports such as football. Dance is hugely popular for both genders, as well as martial arts. Rave styles also incorporate bright colors and silhouettes that tend to work well on either gender. In addition, young people today simply have not grown up with the anachronistic prejudices of a generation even 5 years ago and so therefore, don’t tend to think among such divided lines any longer.

The crossover is most apparent in vests as guys and girls sport “3-piece suit” vests (with backwards ties), or denim jean vests which are on the rise again. Other popular styles include tight-fitting, one-button vests, vests with capped sleeves or attached hoodies, and multi-button vests worn also like a tank top.

Here are some top looks coming out of summer which we anticipate will easily transfer into fall.

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