Everyone wants a piece of style, even if it’s simply wearing a unique belt buckle or owning a coveted sticker posted carefully on a beloved beat-up car. The growing fascination for personal style and piece of personal couture has reached a new crossroads in street fashion, and the evolution of this movement includes a distinct trend: Streetwear styles are quickly evolving into the ironic high-end.

In our latest report on upper urbanwear a.k.a. street couture, we take a look at fresh photos from the field whereby these fashion players distinctly show a personal sense of style. In the first few pictures, the white-on-white outfits including white denim and white T-shirts with a simple graphic, paired with neon kicks and matching neon web belt and buckles are part of the strong crossover of nu rave and hip-hop culture that also combine the futuristic sensibility of creating new belt buckles -all with a throwback from a different era. In this case, the ironic twist of using legos to create a belt buckle ala a Rubik’s cube-looking motif (see also this fashion players’ keychain) gives such a fresh spin on an important accessory, yet with a nod to the ’80’s, which overall, it’s refreshingly new-school.

In the next style, camo colors and graphics combine with neon T-shirts and sunglasses, with a fitted cap also mashes the two genres across boards.

Expect to see more of this mash-up in the future coming various music-inspired subcultures in the United States.