Billabong’s latest from their Spring Lookbook.

Today, April 2, 2013, Billabong again asked for a halt in trading while confirming that the two take-over bids are still in review and plans for a big announcement are to be made this week.

The ongoing drama for the surf and action sports brand has been brutal. In January, VF and Altamont Capital Partners submitted a letter of interest to Billabong International Limited and from what we’ve counted, this is the 4th time a bid’s come in for Billabong (just at the same time a few months ago when President Paul Naude stepped aside to set-up a deal for buying the brand as well).

Paul Naude’s deal is with Sycamore Partners and is the second group in the bidding process. Apparently, according to a recent story from Reuters, the two offers are matching at around $549 million. The stock has lost nearly two thirds of its value and hit an all-time low last month.

If VF Corp gets Billabong, they are only interested in the Billabong brand and plan to turn-over Von Zipper and Element to Altamont Partners.

According to Billabong today, “discussions in relation to these proposals remain incomplete.” And therefore, they have put in for a halt in trading once again.

The deadline for the two offers was last week, but Billabong says they will have an announcement later this week.

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