The iconic Bonfire fireman button.

Premium snowboard outwear brand Bonfire celebrated their 25th Anniversary at the SIA Snow Show last week in Denver, CO. The brand, which was one of the first to incorporate a street-sensibility and artistic lifestyle element into snowboarding can also claim durability and quality to their pants and jackets, as attested by many riders who wear their vintage Bonfire for ages.

The brand first debuted, it had an unique fireman-looking yellow jacket that caught the attention of rebel riders everywhere. In celebration of their 25th year, Bonfire has reintroduced a modern take on the iconic Fireman Parka. With the same plaid flannel interior as its 1989 predecessor, this legendary jacket features 40g insulation, a removable hood so it can be worn on and off-hill for another 25 years.

Bonfire updates and relaunches the Fireman Parka.

To compliment its male counterpart, this year Bonfire introduces a feminine version, the Wildfire Parka, featuring a cozy lining construction enhancing warmth and fit, along with Bonfire’s women specific heat mapping, Mystic Heat.

Bonfire Founder Brad Steward commented on the occasion, “25 years later everything about snowboarding, and Bonfire has changed. What hasn’t changed is the appreciation for the people I’ve had the good fortune of working with, the retailers who have supported us and our individual dedication to creating products that last a lifetime.”

The Wildfire.

In addition,  Bonfire is collaborating with Fourstar Art Director, Andy Jenkins, an originator in skate, with a Bonfire X Fourstar capsule collection. The result Steward and Jenkins friendship and design work is a unique, connecting two creative cultures through two creative pioneers in their respective sports.

On the women’s side, Bonfire’s also created a women’s specific heat mapping technology, Mystic Heat. From improved materials and clever construction, to heat pockets strategically placed at pulse-points for dropping heat warmers in-Mystic Heat works without the bulk of layering.

Steward reflects on 25 years of snowboard history, “Bonfire ThinkTank Designs, Inc. began in my bedroom-my first co-workers were a full-size bed, a sears typewriter and a black Canon F.1 film camera with a dent near the top of the prism.

It was 1989, and I had traveled the world snowboarding and pioneering a sideways life. I needed a way to express what I’d seen, heard and felt in mountains, gondolas, lift lines, café’s, bars, bookstores, planes, trains and automobiles that carried me through the world.  I wanted to send a message to anyone that would listen – snowboarding will change your life, if you let it.

Bonfire was that message.”