Story and Photos by Christina Ko

When people hear of Washington D.C., thoughts of politics, the Whitehouse, and Barack Obama probably pop into their heads first, not fashionista or trends. However the location of Washington D.C. on the map makes the fashion choices of the locals interesting because it can be considered a Southern state where a more preppy style is prevalent, or a major city like New York City, where style is fashion-forward with a mix of eccentricity. D.C. on a gorgeous day brings out the true nature of personal style from this unique part of the United States where I was able to observe the mix of preppy and trendy from the streets.

Accessories are key here. Locals of D.C. like to wear their basics but often add unique touches to it with accessories which complete their styles.

#1: This oversized purple stone cuff is making all the right statements. Paired with her basic simple outfit, the cuff really pops and makes a bold statement. Oversized jewelry is once again becoming trendy and the bigger the better. The color of the stone, purple, is another rage.

#2: Oversized sunglasses, oversized purses, bold, statement jewelry. These ladies are sporting a lot of the current trends from accessories to the eye-catching patterned purple dress. Pattern dresses with floral and hippy inspirations are also becoming a go-to outfit for many and it seems as though this girl got the memo.

#3: Ever since Blair Waldorf on the show Gossip Girl put on one of her many headbands, others have followed this character with this trend. Headbands have become a huge favorite of many especially ones with different size bows. Headbands with feathers, hippy inspired, and bows all a popular choice with young women.

#4: Even the guys are having fun with their accessories. The guy on the left is spicing up his outfit with a long necklace, thick cuff like bracelet, and wayfarer sunglasses. The trend of the wayfarer sunglasses does not seem to be dying out anytime soon. These classic shades are back to stay.

#5: While the guy on the right is going for the preppy hipster look with his blue bow tie. Recently younger guys have been ditching the tie for the bowtie for a more fun look.

#6: Another simple basic outfit paired with statement jewelry. This girl has another version of an oversized cuff that is becoming popular. Instead of a stone, the design is of flowers. Floral inspired designs are becoming quite a trend for this and upcoming seasons.

Big brass and flowery printed bracelets make a statement

#7: Another interesting part of her outfit is her name necklace. I.D. jewelry is still going strong. The different kinds of fonts and the size of the plate is why the necklace is so bold and unique.

#8: Rings, especially floral and stone-inspired ones, are becoming a staple to many wardrobes.

#9: Tiger prints and turquoise jewelry are also popular in accessories (along with corresponding nail polish).