Digital Entertainment and the changing patterns of youth culture preferences.

It’s clear after last weekend’s Emmy Awards that the “best in broadcast TV” is no longer a working subtitle for this awards show. With cable shows such as “Homeland,” “Veep,” “Breaking Bad,” and Netflix’s “House of Cards” taking home best director, actors, and outstanding series awards, and shows like “Downton Abbey” capturing the attention of a new generation of views, its left network television struggling even more towards keeping up with  changes in entertainment patterns. Online players are a big part of the mix, not to mention YouTube, cell phone entertainment, and gaming entertainment. All of this also represents a conundrum for TV advertisers and agencies who think the 30-second pitch is the best way to win new business.

In this story we take a look at the fresh data results to our Digital Entertainment section of the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 and where the shift in entertainment patterns is headed and why. Not only is the face of entertainment changing, especially among youth culture, but the devices from which we prefer to watch our entertainment has shifted as well, forcing technology and electronics into new directions to keep pace with an audience that would never consider waiting for a scheduled TV program. Here’s the inside scoop.

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