Superfly sneaks keeping the streetwear Americana theme flying high.

Vegas fashion trade shows are currently in full swing as the world’s top fashionistas, buyers, exhibitors, media, and celebs have come to America’s biggest shows of the year from February 12-15, 2012 to check out the latest from MAGIC, Project, Workroom, (capsule), S.L.A.T.E., Street, Pool, and others. From our perspective of youth culture trends, we tend to concentrate on the above for latest in what’s going on and by the looks of yesterday and today, there’s much to see (stay tuned for full stories posting throughout the week).

As a sneak peak, it’s clear to say that Americana is still going strong. Nostalgic remakes of military-vibe camo, kakis, and canvas bags are among some who are crossing from streetwear to upper urbanwear. The mix in streetwear is also evolving and moving in their own Americana patterns with red, white, and blue being in vogue (it’s normal to have an American flag in your booth), mixed with varsity lettermen jackets, old-school leather football helmets, camo in a more tailored pant (but not quite skinny leg), and button-down shirts with unique patterns and fabrics.

Aviator Nation crew based out of Venice, CA among new-ish crop of CA retro brands with a modern vibe.

On the other side of the coin are the strong trends in black and grey—sleek silhouettes mixed with soft leather, plucky wool, heavy sweaters, and an ongoing fascination with retro California—from old-school motorcycling to Beach Boys infused kaleidoscope colors. Finally, at many shows, the great outdoors in sophisticated styles were key themes–from backpacks to tents and sleeping bags–various shows illustrated a strong Outdoor Retailer vibe.

Here’s a look at some extremes, but stay tuned for more posting shortly.

Camo Tophat says it all. In the background, the famous Nick Wooster who curated an amazing collection of trendsetting styles and brands, including several from Japan.
Project's opening scultpture juxtaposes consumerism and shopping carts, with going green. Similar to Comme Des Garcon's sculpture of their pop-up store a year ago in downtown LA.
Short mid-waist poodle-like skirts with a rock-abilly flare among women's key edgy styles. '50's and '20's are re-occurring themes at the shows.
American military to the extreme, including canvas certified shoulder bags and goggle make-up a strong selection of trends.
Camo-infused leather boots mixing the workman, retro, and hiking styles.