In part 2 of our fresh street photo report on footwear taken from more than 49 locations across the country, key rising trends for young women have meant playing with various bright colors, particularly yellow, new shapes in sneaker ballerina styles, and a greater range in wearing footwear with diverse materials, patterns, and embellishments.

It should also be noted in this piece that new takes on Converse sneaks, including DIY enhancements have added significant statements to footwear and adding to the growing importance that sneaks, flats, cowboy boots, mid-calf boots, gladiator sandals, and other styles have on young women’s overall fashion sensibility.

However one of the key new aspects is the favored use of color, particularly yellow, turquoise, green, purple, and pink in top footwear preferences, and the new usage of studs on ballerina flats that add a stronger street element to feminine-looking footwear. Usage of satin bows, zebra stripes, and disco blue metallics in some flats are also among the favorites.

Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of the Footwear Photo Report.