Introducing the Oasis Water Bar by Global Inheritance.

Global Inheritance steps-up once again with another sustainability initiative to introduce climate change issues to youth culture markets through on-site, interactive sponsorship programs.

Their latest brings awareness to water through their traveling Oasis Water Bar.

With the current record breaking drought in California, and a growing global water scarcity, the need for solutions and actions is ever more important. The Oasis Water Bar is an educational initiative created and run by Global Inheritance that seeks to highlight this major issue.

At the Oasis, participants get to taste the water of the present and the future. While sampling purified wastewater, desalinated ocean water, and filtered rain (just to name a few), one learns about the potential and possibilities behind these renewable sources. This includes the origin, distance traveled, financial cost, filtration methods, pH level, carbon footprint and more.

The Oasis also serves tap water from different municipalities, mountain spring, glacier, and even Colorado River water. The idea is to showcase that behind each water source there is a story. Global Inheritance will have “bartenders/scientists” pour shots of each water type and share refreshing facts about each one.

More Facts:

  • Did you know that less than 1% of the Earth’s water is accessible and drinkable?
  • Did you also know that by 2025, we’re expected to have used up 90% of that freshwater supply?
  • Lastly, did you know that 1/3 of Signapore’s water supply comes from purified wastewater?

Here’s an interesting infographic from Ensia: