NeoChaEdge’s Lee RETHINK denim sculpture in Shanghai. Photos by NeoChaEdge.

Lee jeans is among several denim brands taking a look at sustainability practices when it comes to their manufacturing process. In addition, they commissioned several creatives to also “rethink” denim and inspired several projects that have taken the concept of sustainability and denim into art including sculpture.

NeoChaEdge, a creative agency out of Shanghai and Bejing, created one of the most unique sculptures with the Lee RETHINK denim campaign in mind. Lee uses recycled coffee grounds often as fiber to reduce their environmental impact, so it made sense for the sculpture to start with this as well.

The denim sculpture starts with recycled coffee grounds.

According to the designers, “For the installation, we created a sculpture using raw materials from LEE Rethink’s process. The sculpture is made up of over 5,000 balls of all-natural raw cotton, 200 spools of cotton thread, 50 bags of coffee beans and recycled coffee grounds, and 20 articles of LEE Rethink denim products.

The sculpture’s unibody, “mobius strip”-like form beautifully reveals the the interconnected nature of the materials in each step of LEE Rethink’s eco-friendly, sustainable denim-making process.”

Currently, the sculpture hangs in LEE’s Shanghai flagship store on Nanjing West Rd.

The Lee RETHINK denim campaign is part of the brand’s sustainability program. This sculpture hangs in the Lee Shanghai flagship store.