As an $18 billion apparel business, Los Angeles, CA, is increasingly seen as the fashion capital of trends in the United States. There is tremendous interest in streetwear, surf and beach lifestyles, and the L.A. Style.

According to recent study sponsored by CIT and the California Fashion Associate called “The Los Angeles Area Fashion Industry Profile” LA is a prime location with great potential on a global scale.

In their report, key aspects were outlined including how much money the fashion industry generates, as well as the hurdles the area has towards being considered a major fashion player.

Highlights from the Report illustrate that streetwear trends often come from LA.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • More than $46 billion in apparel imports come through LA ports
  • LA based designers are enduringly popular not only by local celebrities, but through the designers in the area inspired by the beaches, mountains, nature, and urban areas
  • Technology and manufacturing takes place locally, reducing the production cycle and costs for manufacturing
  • There is a strong workforce in the area
  • Open ambition to try something new is promoted and celebrated
  • 3,770 independent fashion designers work in and around LA and Orange County
  • The Fashion District in downtown LA is growing
  • LA has a number of schools such as FIDM dedicated to the industry of fashion
  • LA is the hub of streetwear culture and surf and more

The main problems include:

  • Immigration reform and work permit rules needed to expand the industry
  • Schools need to integrate the fashion opportunities of the area sooner, at the high school level
  • Market Week needs more publicity and attention
  • A fashion trade show is needed. MAGIC moved to Vegas years ago and yet, 20% of the 4,000 brands that showcase at MAGIC are from LA
  • Scattered aspects of fashion runway shows and the changing formats of fashion weeks and ability to get around the city make it a challenging place for fashion weeks and shows

Here’s more from the executive summary.