Huge prize money at the upcoming World Snowboarding Championships in China.

TTR and the WSF will host the World Championships of Snowboarding in Slopestyle, Big Air and Halfpipe. Backing up the success of the Oslo World Champs, China is out to prove to the world just what a future they have in their new market of snowboarding especially now that they have the Winter Olympics in 2022. With this being their first major international snowboarding event and a test event for the 2022 Olympics, China is bound to put on a show. The TTR team has been working closely with the host city delegation to ensure a smooth landing for athletes and teams and to make sure their vision for competition infrastructure is at the top of its game. Qualification will be through the World Snowboard Points List (WSPL). As a late entry into the snowboarding marketplace, China with its massive population could make a huge difference for snowboarding worldwide.

All of the Elite level TTR events from 14/15 are back in 15/16 with a number of the International Level events submitting applications to raise their prize pools and rider support to be sanctioned as Elite World Snowboard Tour events. The USSA Grand Prix events will again feature on the North American WST tour with the introduction of a huge Stadium Big Air at Fenway Stadium, the home of the Boston Red Sox. This co-sanctioned event backs up their already packed event series of Elite and International level events. The Burton US Open will again be one of the major highlights of the year and we have a few big announcements still up our sleeve that should make this a very good season for riders in both Europe and North America.

Stale Sandbech at The Mile High event in Australia as snowboarding competition gets underway in the Southern Hemisphere.

The TTR was originally set up by riders, for riders, so as an organization they have decided that this philosophy must continue in its structure. To keep perspective on the sport’s needs and in order to keep the direction of competition in line with the progression of the riders themselves  – the event owners who in the past have held all voting rights over the tour – have decided to donate 33% of the voting rights of the tour back to the riders themselves. This voting right will be through a proposed riders union.

Once the riders union is legally established then the voice of the riders will be clearly heard.  They have also taken a good long look at the structure of global snowboarding competition and assessed that currently the largest stakeholders in competitive snowboarding are the nations. With this in mind they have donated another 33% of the voting rights to the WSF who primarily represent nations. The three major stakeholders in the World Snowboard Tour and competition snowboarding globally are now the events, the riders and the nations.

The Rider License Program is a service package created for the riders competing regularly at events on the World Snowboard Tour. The TTR (the organization who manages the WST) provides a growing range of professional services for amateur and pro athletes, including the WST website, event schedule, event profiles, event registration, individual rider profiles, keeping track of your career results, processing results and assigning ranking points, generating and maintaining the WSPL and WST rankings on a weekly basis 52 weeks a year. With the yearly purchase of a rider license, riders make a contribution to finance these services and support the sport. It allows us to provide and finance consistent and professional services and helps us to become independent from sponsorship income.

The Riders Tour License Package includes:
•    Competition license for World Snowboard Tour events
•    Entry Rights for World Snowboard Tour events (as per entry protocols)
•    Processing and managing of rider event results
•    Assigning ranking points for rider placements
•    Weekly World Snowboard Tour Ranking Updates
•    Weekly World Snowboarding Points Lists Updates
•    Online Registration System for many World Snowboard Tour Events
•    Individual Rider Profile with photo, results, stats, sponsors and personal information
•    Career Result Archive and Rider Ranking Profiles
•    Access to the World Snowboard Tour membership system to manage rider profile on
•    Uploading rider profile pictures / action photos (rights free)
•    Database Maintenance
•    Support and Troubleshooting

The Riders Tour License Fee is affordable:
•    EARLY BIRD FEE:    $40 (US) in the period July 7 – October 31, 2015
•    REGULAR FEE:        $60 (US) in the period November 1 – December 15
•    LATE-SHOW FEE:    $100 (US) after December 15, 2015
•    Payment will by credit card
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