When it comes to backpacks, bags, and purses this summer, don’t expect to see your average-looking Jansport or oversized plain tote on the fashion-forward crowds of music tour and festival lovers this season. As indicated at Coachella Music and Arts Festival April 25-27, which is often a great indicator of accessory trends, there’s an eclectic new mix of bag accessories being popularized by a wide range of choices.

One of the key trends is furry or fluffy animal backpacks. While late last summer we started to see more animal backpacks (and little kid packs in bright colors on young adults), having a monkey or elephant or polar bear in the spread-eagle “love” position on your back is almost as adorable as actually bringing your tiny dog/accessory around with you. Often adopted by girls, the animal backpack is now almost as common on guys. In addition, drawstring basic backpacks in a variety of patterns are becoming a popular change from high-tech traditional backpacks.

However, for the rave-lovin’ generation, it’s all about the tiny fanny pack -and in bright colors such as white, yellow, pink, blue, and black. Worn with bathing suits, gold metallic hot-shorts, short denim shorts, terry cloth shorts, gym shorts, and skirts, fanny packs are a key accessory for the summer. Along the lines of this trend are military belt or holster purses in leather, camo green, black, and brown. These provide a wide belt-looking purse option and are more fashion-forward than the revitalized fanny pack because it can separate and add dimension to an outfit nicely.

Finally, adding neon accessories to your backpack or purse are also a part of new summer looks, including neon colored locks, pins, stitching, and patterns.