In our latest street fashion photo report scouring the country this summer for key trends in accessories, what’s clearly stood out are the statement pieces in jewelry, particularly big metallic hearts on long chains and oversized peace signs -or among the more fashion-forward, wearing both hearts and peaces signs together.

The accessories are tied to the growing frustration many young people in North America say they feel against the Iraq war, but also politics. As many people say, “the need to come together peacefully” starting first with America is a first step in the right direction. Rainbow colored peace signs and the re-birth of smiley faces also bring out a retro-rave style that’s often paired with multiple colored plastic bracelets or self-made beaded bracelets.

In the realm of hearts, many young people, especially girls, have adopted heavy metal, antique looking pieces worn on long chains, usually in bronze of silver, or paired with rainbow colored plastic guitar pics and stars.

Other key trends in accessories include Hello Kitty necklaces and hairpieces, star-time pieces as necklaces, similar to the white star watches by Marc Jacobs, mini shutter shade necklaces for an ’80’s statement, and thin silver and gold metal chains with icons such as swords and animals.

In this photo story, we’ve carefully edited more than 40 top street images taken from across the nation to showcase latest accessory trends on both guys and girls, plus bracelets, beads, and various metals, crystals, and colors.