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Repair It Yourself Sneakers with Reversible Soles—Making Footwear Twice as Durable


The ability to repairs one’s own footwear is a concept that sustainability designers have been toying with for some time. Now, Eugenia Morpurgo, a design grad from Eindhoven, has created sneaker-like shoes that are easily repairable because the soles and uppers can be taken apart without dealing with adhesive glue. The shoes are simple canvas […]

Happy Holidays from Label Networks!


Happy Holidays, Venice Beach, CA graffiti-wall style! Happy Holidays! We’ll be posting again next week with an entirely new website featuring new insights, images, data, and analysis on global youth culture. 2012 will feature our Youth Culture Studies, historical access to our China, European, and Japan Youth Culture Studies, plus on-gong timely Profile Reports, and […]

Ice Cube Talks What Makes LA so LA, Plus Celebrating The Eames and “Going Green 1949-style, Bitch”

Ice_Cube_at_The_Eames_200 got Ice Cube to talk about the latest exhibition at The Eames house. It couldn’t be more perfect. We love this video by Ice Cube talking about what makes LA so LA, and his love of architecture, The Eames house, and “going green 1949-style, bitch.”Celebrating an exhibit by, a collective that showcases latest […]

Scream for the Truth Campaign by Japanese Rock Band Dir En Grey about High Radiation Levels Brings Massive Attention to the Ongoing Problem


As a follow-up to their very candid remarks on the true state of affairs in Japan, this concept takes this to the next level with a billboard in Times Square.

H&M Now Ranked First in Usage of Organic Cotton as Fashion Brands Go Green


This fast-fashion giant has not only changed in the way business is done in fashion retail by offering trendy pieces at a faster rate, but also outshines in sustainability goals.

Warped Tour Launches Its 17th Summer Featuring a Broad Range of Music, Sponsorship Interaction, and a Massive Following of Fan-Here’s What Happened


Launch dates in Texas were big with 49,500 fans over the 1st three days to see bands such as Go Radio, 3OH3!, Bad Rabbits, Less Than Jake, and take-part in the festival.

Non-Toxic Revolution Marks Latest Initiative of Highly Popular Youth Non-Profit Keep-a-Breast


There’s a bigger picture to having healthy boobs and KAB knows how to make a difference -this time with the launch of the Non-Toxic Revolution.