Iconic soda fountain Coca-Cola glass continues to get re-introduced to new generations.

Coca-Cola is no stranger to marketing tactics utilizing core streetwear brands, retailers, and events to pump-up their cred-factor to a global youth culture that has far more choices in beverages than ever before, but their latest moves illustrate an even stronger push into niche markets.

First, Coca-Cola is a part of a live event to celebrate the release of its new glass in partnership with Thomas Meyerhoffer. The upper part will not only be functional, but will be a part of the musical performance played live at the Colette Water Bar on Wednesday, February 13. Interestingly, the iconic soda fountain Coca-Cola glass is still a part of the marketing mix, as the brand continues to re-introduce it to the next generation.

Nigo X Beams X Coca-Cola vintage inspired collection.

In other collaborative news, Nigo from Japan and designer of Human Made and A Bathing Ape has collaborated with Coca-Cola to create a capsule collection of 10 pieces that are inspired by vintage Coke workwear. Think striped button-down work shirts with name tag patches, caps, T-shirts, jodhpurs, and cover-all jackets inspired from the 1800’s.

The industrial-era vibe in fashion is a part of growing Americana trends in the United States as well. According to Nigo, “I have been wearing Coca-Cola since back in high school – be it vintage T’s or my retro red Coke leather jacket, which is one of my most prized possessions. I was also the Japan Coca-Cola yo-yo champion back in the 80s, so this collaboration was a long time coming!”

Coca-cola workman’s cap inspired from the 1800’s. Re-designed by Nigo.

The collection will first be available at the eclectic store Beams in Tokyo, plus online at Present in the UK, Haven in Canada, RSVP Gallery in the US and online at ZoZoTown.com.

Finally, Coca-Cola has a new collection collaboration with New Era caps. The 59-Fifty X Coke collab was a big hit starting 3 years ago and continues into 2013 with a new look to debut soon.