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Each year, Label Networks includes “Cred Reports” with our data analysis which provides additional qualitative research to give insight into leading-edge trends that are popular or gaining popularity in each country or specific city. The Cred Reports are written by Label Networks in-field researchers and reporters as well as top young people who can see the state of trends within their country or city from a broad and insider perspective. These Cred Reports provide a unique addition to the quantitative data results and Macro Trend Editorial Summaries in our overall country studies. In this week’s story, we take a look at the Fashion and Accessory section of the London Cred Report for this season.

Fashion Trends: Name the top fashion trends that you think are “in” right now and/or are the leading-edge styles and why:

  • Smart winter coats with ties round the waist are in many of the shops, keeping with the ‘tailored’ look
  • Bright colours are really fashionable now, as we come into the new autumn fashions
  • Ankle boots are really fashionable amongst young women now as they are a good way to move from the summer to autumn wardrobe and are easy to wear, but elegant
  • High-waisted jeans and flares are coming back into fashion after the skinny-leg and hipster jeans have been popular for so long.
  • High-waisted pencil skirts are also making a comeback
  • Outfits full of contrasts
  • Fluo colors, because rave culture is back plus white and black
  • Large shoulders, long T-shirts or shirts, asymmetrical shapes, from the ’80s
  • Super cheap items but customizable to make them smart is super chic but personalized and shows creativity, so it’s cool
  • For in the office: all black, purple, electric blue, yellow accessories, in ’80s and ’00s style, i.e. high-waisted large trousers or knee tight skirts with thigh shirts or jumpers and original accessories (these are considered most important even more so than the clothes to show one’s personality). Also belted coats and jackets.
  • For the weekend: black or grey denim tight trousers or miniskirt and colourful sweaters – black or white military jackets or grey parkas
  • Dark or clear leather flat/low heels shoes for the office and colourful keds/sugar/rocketdog/victoria/office shoes for the weekend
  • Ladylike dresses for parties: bright colours for the day silver and white for the night; high heels shoes with large platform and heels
  • Laces in the day and the night when appropriate

B) Accessory trends that are in right now and moving into the next season:

  • Big chunky bangles
  • Brightly coloured nail varnish
  • Necklaces made-up of many bits and that lay flat to the chest are still popular after the summer trends.
  • Long earrings are fashionable
  • Alice bands are becoming quite big too, so that people can get the ’60s bouffant look
  • Very small bags or very large ones, for men also
  • Scarves and foulard, any material and colour, possibly in contrast with the outfit
  • Colourful Reeboks or Nikes or cheap canvas office shoes, mostly white but also in other colours now
  • Pointed leather shoes
  • Glittering make up for both women and men
  • Big necklaces, silver, gold, wood, or white, black, bright colours in plastic
  • Big bracelets, same materials/colors as necklaces (but not to be worn together with necklaces, only as an alternative)
  • Bags: cheap charity shop types or very expensive ones, but everyday something different
  • Shades: bigger and bigger
  • Boots: long or more often, short, colourful or black/brown/white

For more information about the London Cred Report including top trends in Activities, Electronics Communication, and other Lifestyle Patterns among Youth Culture, email info@labelnetworks.com; (323) 630-4000.