MAGIC, Project, and Pool Fashion Trade Shows Are Getting Even Bigger With Parent Company Acquisition of Business Journals Inc.; Plus MAGIC Launches in Japan


Despite fashion and retailers going through an economically hard time, especially when it comes to youth culture and action sports fashion, the trade show scene continues to change rapidly, as seen with the recent announcement that UBM, parent company of MAGIC, Project, and Pool, has acquired Business Journals Inc., owners of MRket, Accessories, and Stich. […]

Advanstar, Owners of MAGIC and Project, Sold for $972 Million to UBM

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One of the United States biggest trade show operators, Advanstar Communications, has been sold to UBM for $972 million. Advanstar hosts 54 trade shows including MAGIC, Project, Fashion Coterie, and shows for licensing, life sciences, and powersports. The acquisition will increase UBM’s events revenues by £135m annually, the company said, from £463m last year. Tim […]

Magic Market Week Partners with Balluun to Provide Year-Round Platform for Ecommerce Version, Shop the Floor


Advanstar, owners of fashion trade shows such as Magic and Project, launched their ecommerce trade show version, Shop the Floor back in February, 2013. This allowed vendors and buyers to basically shop the trade show online 30 days before and after the actual event in Las Vegas. Similar to other companies moving to online trade […]

The Expansion Agenda for Agenda Trade Show Heats-Up


The expansion plans for what’s become one of the leading trade shows for streetwear, action sports-inspired apparel, footwear, and accessories, and upper urbanwear known as Agenda would inevitably invade the space of Las Vegas during what’s becoming a crowded trade show timeframe featuring MAGIC, Project MVMNT, Pool, and Capsule, (and MAGIC’s online show, Shop the Floor). […]

Project MVMNT Destination Station for Street, Curated Clique Coolness, Modern Youth Culture


Story and Photos by Tom Wallace and Kathleen Gasperini MAGIC Market Week February 19-21, 2013 in Las Vegas continues to bring the buyers of the business of fashion together in a variety of trade shows, but this time around, it was Project MVMNT that became the destination station for a combo of street, urban, skate, […]

Shop The Floor—MAGIC Market Week Launches the Latest Platform in the Growing Space of Online Trade Shows


Last December, we examined the rise of online trade shows and the growing shift in patterns to a new format and schedule in fashion that were greatly impacting the industry. This growing number of online trade shows was a strong indication that even though the fashion industry tends to be slow when it comes to […]

Project MVMNT with Sub-Sections Clique, Street Hearts, and Mood Boards Among Changes Dedicated to Youth Culture Trends Anticipated at Upcoming Magic, Project Trade Shows

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Among several rumors that actually started at Agenda, were that Magic and Project were re-designing their trade show floors and making some significant changes to debut in Las Vegas February 19-21, 2013. One of the major changes will be the elimination of the long-running S.L.A.T.E. area. Once known as the key location for core streetwear […]

The Rise of Online Trade Shows Shifts Attention to New Formats and Schedules—How This Impacts the Fashion and Footwear Industries


The growing number of online trade shows is a strong indication that even though the fashion industry tends to be slow when it comes to digital and mobile commerce and technology, there are some brands, fans, and industry leaders who get how a new generation of consumers shop and why. In this profile report, we […]

U.S.A.’s Largest Fashion Trade Show, Owned by Advanstar, Just Got Bigger


ENK International announced yesterday, November 15, 2012, that it has been purchased by Advanstar Global, owners of MAGIC, Project, Street, S.L.A.T.E., and Pool. ENK ran shows that often competed with MAGIC, for example, taking place during the same timeframes and nearby locations, including shows such as ENK New York, ENK Vegas, and the Fashion Coterie, […]

Fashion Trade Show Transitions: Project Gets a New President, Including S.L.A.T.E. and Street; Bread and Butter Changes Continue—Danielle de Bie Returns as Communication Director


Two of the top fashion trade shows are making changes for the upcoming season in 2013 that indicate new directions for both. First, Project, which takes place in New York January 21-23 and in Las Vegas February 19-21, 2013, is bringing on a new President, Tommy Fazio. His roll also includes Menswear encompassing what takes […]