Uniqlo’s fashion map

Uniqlo, the fast-fashion retailer from Japan that’s quickly moving into the U.S. and becoming a favorite retailer/brand among youth culture, has created another exciting interactive campaign. For anyone that’s ever traveled to Tokyo, you’ll realize how hard it can be to find specific stores, which is why many people use their GPS in the mobile phones as store-finders and their phones sometimes to locate brand sales or specials. The fashion map idea taps into this, along with bringing together the various distinct subcultures within the city itself and the corresponding fashions styles within each section.

This Uniqlo campaign is for their Spring “Parka” which is basically a thin jacket that comes in a variety of colors and styles. The interactive campaign features 1,000 distinctly different fashionable young men and women who “pass along” the “parka” from one person to another, each adding a unique element, style or color to the jacket, creating a very cool video collage. In the top of each screen are notes on where the person and their corresponding style are located. So not only do you get to see the jacket/parka in all it’s various shapes, forms, colors, and ways of being worn, but you also get a fresh look at just how diverse and interesting different people from different areas of Tokyo look.

Overall, this is an excellent example of combining new media and marketing to create a distinct campaign for an item that otherwise may not seem all that special. Check it out here.