Bread & Butter opening day in January, 2014, attracts massive attendance.

Bread & Butter is one of the leading fashion trade shows that tends to spark debate and rumors. As a progressive entity, they have pushed boundaries more than any other fashion trade show, and tried to launch consumer days and another show back in Barcelona, only to be met with speculation by exhibitors and the fashion industry. One place that hasn’t been halted (other than Berlin) is the launch of Bread & Butter in Seoul, Korea, which will debut in the Fall of 2015.

However according to Sportswear International, and rumors that Bread & Butter’s January show would be canceled in Berlin, they reported that it will take place, but scaled back to only one hall.

Bread & Butter also brings with it a festival vibe including performances by popular musicians and artistically inclined show lay-outs.

Now, according to Karl-Heinz Muller, the CEO of Bread & Butter, the 200 brands who will be in attendance January 19-21, 2015, at Berlin Tempelhof, will all be in the Urban Base area rather than in specifically designed areas such as L.O.C.K., Lunapark, Urban Superior, and Urban Fashion.

The July show of Bread & Butter will contain all five halls, however.

Some brands have decided to move to other Berlin trade shows this coming winter, including Carhartt’s shift to Bright, which is more action sports-inspired, and others to Premium which has taken on more brands in the past few shows.

Stay tuned for more about Bread & Butter coming soon.